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Dr. Beiwen Li, Assistant Professor 


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Ph.D. Purdue University, 2017

​M.S. Iowa State University, 2014

​B.S. Beihang University, 2012

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​Dr. Beiwen Li is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Iowa State University. His current research focuses on 3D imaging, data analysis and associated applications. His research interests include superfast (kHz) 3D imaging, multi-scale 3D optical metrology, machine vision, online inspection, and applications of 3D imaging

Ph.D. Students



Vignesh Suresh (PhD Candidate, 4th year, passed PhD preliminary exam)

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M.S. Iowa State University, Ames, IA

​B.Tech. PSG college of Technology, India

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Vignesh is a joint M.S/Ph.D student in 3DAOS focusing on experimental mechanics analysis. Vignesh worked in the R&D department of an automobile company for a couple of years.  He likes to explore new things and look forward to making significant contribution in Virtual Reality. In his leisure time, he is a big time fan of cricket and spend most of time watching the game.

Email ID: vigneshs
Yi Zheng (PhD Candidate, 3rd year, passed PhD preliminary exam)

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​M.S. Northeastern University, Boston, MA

B.S. Chongqing University, China

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Yi is a Ph.D student in 3DAOS focusing on novel 3D optical solutions. He has prior research experience on large-scale transportation system optimization, using big data manipulation and data visualization techniques. Yi also has interests in 3D printing. He built his own 3D printer to participate in a 3D printing competition, and obtained a patent on a novel 3D printer.  

Email ID: yizheng
Weijun Shen (PhD Student, 2nd year, co-advise with Dr. Hantang Qin)

​B.E. Shanghai Polytechnic University, China

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Weijun Shen is a Ph.D. student in 3DAOS and FEAP (co-advise), focusing on nondestructive evaluation in additive manufacturing. Weijun worked as a lab coordinator/teaching assistant at Shanghai Polytechnic University for six years. He is interested in advanced metrology and inspection, and non-conventional manufacturing. In his leisure time, he likes cooking, hiking, and watching horror movies.

Email ID: wjshen
Email ID: jiaqiong
Jiaqiong Li (PhD Student, 1st year)

M.S. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

B.S.  University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Short Bio

Jiaqiong is a Ph.D student in 3DAOS focusing on 3D optical sensing and metrology. She also has interests in the application of 3D optical metrology in industry. She worked at the R&D department of an automotive company. When she does get free time, she likes cooking.

M.S. Students

Amit Singh (2nd year)

B. E. Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

Short Bio

Amit is a M.S. student in 3DAOS focusing on HDR 3D imaging. Amit has cross-functional work experience of 4 years in Design and Quality departments of Tool Room, IT and industrial automation/robotics companies.  He is curious about learning new technologies and plans to achieve significant results as a part of the 3DAOS team. In his leisure time, he likes to explore new places and be involved in outdoor sports.  

Li-Hsin Yeh (1st year)

B. E. Tatung University, Taiwan

Short Bio

Li-Hsin is a M.S. student in 3DAOS. Li-Hsin has short-term internship in vehicle testing company and 1-year  experience as a Teaching Assistant. He is interested in new technologies especially automobiles and looks forward to conducting projects as a part of the 3DAOS team. In his leisure time, he likes driving and cycling.

Email ID: amit1811
Email ID: lhyeh

Alumni (Graduate Students)

Saptarshi Basu

M.S. 2018

Mechanical Engineering

Vignesh Suresh

M.S. 2018, (PhD ongoing)

Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey Benjamin

Prairie View A&M University

Freshman in Computer Science

Summer 2019 SPIRE-EIT

Lara Chunko

University of Colorado Boulder

Freshman in Computer Science

Summer 2019 SPIRE-EIT

Jennifer Patterson

University of South Florida

Senior Computer Engineering

Summer 2019 SPIRE-EIT

Alumni (Undergraduate and REU Students)

  • Jace Holton, Nicholas Wiens, Hailey Lucas

Alumni (K-12 Students)

  • Joseph Shen, High school student intern in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, got accepted by UCLA.

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