Oct 25, 2019, Our journal paper "Similarity Evaluation of Topography Measurement Results by Different Optical Metrology Technologies for Additive Manufactured Parts" got accepted by Optics and Lasers in Engineering. Congrats!

July 29, 2019, Our journal paper "Motion-induced error reduction for binary defocusing profilometry via additional temporal sampling" got accepted by Optics Express. Congrats!

July 12, 2019, Dr. Li's patent application has been awarded by US patent office. see https://patents.google.com/patent/US20170085860A1/en

Apr 30, 2019, Vignesh passed PhD Qualification Test, congrats!

Feb 7, 2019, Vignesh wins Best Student Paper Award in SPIE Photonics West 2019 Conference, congrats!

Jan. 31, 2019. Vignesh passed M.S. thesis defense, congrats! He will continue working within our group as a Ph.D. student.

Dec. 12, 2018. Jace got a job at Radiant Vision System, Congrats! We will miss you.

July 26, 2018. Mr. Yi Zheng from Northeastern University has joined us as a new Ph.D. student, Welcome!

July 8, 2018. Our journal paper "Binarized dual phase-shifting method for high-quality 3D shape measurement" has been accepted by the journal of Applied Optics, Congrats!

June 28. 2018. Dr. Iris V. Rivero, Dr. Hantang Qin and Dr. Beiwen Li received a $200k one-year exploratory grant from DOE, cheers!

June 24, 2018. Dr. Li delivered five invited talks at (1) icOPEN 2018 conference; (2) Shandong University; (3) Wuhan University; (4) Huazhong University of Science and Technology and (5) Beihang University (Prof. Bing Pan's group)

Apr. 24, 2018. Mr. Saptarshi Basu successfully defended his M.S thesis and become the first graduate in 3DAOS, congrats!

Apr. 18, 2018. Dr. Li presented his work "Superfast, high-resolution dynamic 3D strain measurement of robotic flapping wings" at SPIE DCS conference in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Li also served as a committee member in the conference.

Apr. 11, 2018. Vignesh competed in the research art competition at ISU research day.

Mar. 27, 2018. Vignesh presented his research "High Dynamic range 3D shape measurement utilizing the transitioning state of digital micromirror device" at GPSS conference at Iowa State University.

Mar. 22, 2018. The journal paper "High-dynamic-range 3D shape measurement utilizing the transitioning state of digital micromirror device" led by Vignesh got accepted by the photomechanics special issue of Optics and Lasers in Engineering, congrats!

Feb. 23, 2018. The journal paper "Structured light system calibration with unidirectional fringe patterns" led by Vignesh got accepted by Optics and Lasers in Engineering, congrats!

Jan. 29, 2018. Dr. Li presented his research "Superfast 3D shape measurement of a flapping flight process with motion based segmentation" at SPIE Photonics West Conference in San Francisco.

Jan. 11, 2018. The journal paper "Calibration method for spinning fringe projection: proof-of-concept" led by Jace got accepted by Optical Enginnering, congrats!

Jan. 3, 2018. The journal paper "Novel method for measuring dense 3D strain map of robotic flapping wings" led by Dr. Li got accepted by Measurement Science and Technology, congrats!

Nov. 11, 2017. Welcome new students: Vignesh Suresh (Ph. D student), Saptarshi Basu (M.S. student) and Jace Holton (undergraduate student, senior).

Nov. 2, 2017. Dr. Li got invitation as an invited speaker of icOPEN 2018 (2018 International Conference on Optical and Photonic Engineering).

Oct. 30, 2017. The journal paper "Superfast high-resolution absolute 3D recovery of a stabilized flapping flight process" led by Dr. Li got featured on the Cover of Optics Express.

Sept. 19, 2017. Dr. Li's interview is available on the department website.

Aug. 15, 2017. Dr. Li has started a tenure-track assistant professor position at Iowa State University. The 3D AOS Lab has started at 2624 Howe Hall on campus.

Aug. 14, 2017. The journal paper "Computer-aided-design-model-assisted absolute three-dimensional shape measurement" led by Dr. Li got published by Applied Optics.

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