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Topics of interest

Superfast 3D optical sensing/shape measurements

Develop advanced 3D optical sensing systems and software algorithms capable of capturing the transient behaviors and dynamic changes of 3D geometries at an image acquisition rate of kilohertz.

Precision multi-scale 3D optical metrology

Developing optics, algorithm and instrumentation for near-real-time 3D optical metrology based on digital structured light fringe projection and fringe analysis at large-scale and meso-scale.   


3D point cloud/mesh data processing and analysis

Performing tracking/registration/correlation on 3D point cloud/mesh data to generate useful information for decision making

In-situ 3D-vision-based monitoring for additive or other manufacturing processes

Develop advanced instrumentation and software algorithms capable of conducting in-situ surface topographical measurements and 3D data processing in additive or other manufacturing processes.


13. Project: Semi-autonomous 3D Sensing and 3D Concrete Printing for Inspection and Repairing of Vertical Structures
      Amount: $293,187
      Sponsor: The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center subcontract through University of Iowa
      Role on project: PI (Institutional)

12.  Project:  Development of a model-based digital twin design with virtual reality training and simulation
       Amount: $418,602
       Sponsor: The Boeing Company
       Role on project: Co-PI

11. Project: Development of Hybrid Repair and Nondestructive Evaluation Technologies for Aerospace Components
       Amount: $270,779 (including $65,983 as cost share)
       Sponsor: The REMADE institute (subcontract through Rochester Institute of Technology)
       Role on project: PI (institutional)

10. Project: Hybrid Laser Processing for Metallic Surface Remanufacturing
      Amount: $881,200 (including $440,660 as cost share)
      Sponsor: The REMADE institute
      Role on project: Co-PI

9.   Project: Improving Recycling Efficiency of Portable Electronics by Automating Battery Disassembly
      Amount: $90,000 ($30,000 as cost share)
      Sponsor: The REMADE institute (subcontract through Idaho National Laboratory)
      Role on project: PI (institutional)

8.   Project: Tracking and Visualization of Benchtop Assembly Components
      Amount: $72,688
      Sponsor: Collins Aerospace
      Role on project: PI

7.   Project: NRI/Collaborative Research: Robotic Disassembly of High-Precision Electronic Devices
      Amount: $300,000
      Sponsor: National Science Foundation
      Role on project: PI

6.   Project: Advanced 3D optical sensing and peening technologies for crack mitigation in natural gas pipelines
      Amount: $297,258 (including $41,786 as cost share)
      Sponsor: Iowa Energy Center
      Role on project: PI

5.   Project: Creation of a Manufacturing Facility Digital Twin using Advanced Computer Vision
      Amount: $109,109
      Sponsor: The Boeing Company
      Role on project: Co-PI

4.   Project: In-line NDE of metal powder quality for direct energy deposition
      Amount: $100,000
      Sponsor: Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
      Role on project: Co-PI

3.   Project: Panoramic large-scale 3D scanning
      Amount: $99,936 (including $50,000 as cost share)
      Sponsor: Regents Innovation Fund
      Role on project: PI

2.   Project: Hyperspectral 5D optical sensing for agriculture-related non-destructive evaluation
      Amount: $23,733
      Sponsor: Iowa State University College of Engineering Exploratory Research Grant
      Role on project: PI

1.   Project: In-situ NDE of in-flight particle dynamics and intrinsic properties for thermal spray repairs;  
      Amount: $200,000 (including $100,000 as cost share)
      Sponsor: The REMADE Institute, Department of Energy
      Role on project: Co-PI

We are thankful for the following sponsors to provide support for our research

Funded Research Projects

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