Topics of interest

Superfast 3D optical sensing/shape measurements

Develop advanced 3D optical sensing systems and software algorithms capable of capturing the transient behaviors and dynamic changes of 3D geometries at an image acquisition rate of kilohertz.   

Precision multi-scale 3D optical metrology

Developing optics, algorithm and instrumentation for near-real-time 3D optical metrology based on digital structured light fringe projection and fringe analysis at large-scale and meso-scale.   

3D point cloud/mesh data processing and analysis

Performing tracking/registration/correlation on 3D point cloud/mesh data to generate useful information for decision making

In-situ 3D-vision-based monitoring for additive or other manufacturing processes

Develop advanced instrumentation and software algorithms capable of conducting in-situ surface topographical measurements and 3D data processing in additive or other manufacturing processes.

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